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I am a research scientist in the field of disordered proteins. Disordered proteins and regions (IDPs/IDRs) are proteins or regions that do not form a well-defined three-dimensional structure. They play key roles in nearly every cellular process such as regulation, transcription and apoptosis. Mutations of IDPs are often associated with various diseases like cancer or Alzheimer's.


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Prediction of structural and functional disorder and evolutionary conserved disordered regions


PhaSePro is the comprehensive database of proteins driving liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) in living cells.


MemMoRF is a comprehensive database of transmembrane and membrane associated proteins with molecular recognition features.


2017 - 2022

PhD - Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary

Structural biochemistry doctoral school. Thesis: Bioinformatic study of disordered proteins

2014 - 2016

Masters Degree - Budapest University of Technology and economics, Hungary

Masters degree in applied bioengineering. Thesis: Novel computational tool to identify new binding partners for a linear motif binding domain

2008 - 2014

Bachelor's degree - Budapest University of Technology and economics, Hungary

Bachelor's degree in bioengineering. Thesis: Molecular dynamic simulation of membrane proteins

2014 - Present

MTA – ELTE Momentum Bioinformatics Research Group

Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary

2010 - 2014

MTA-SE Molecular Biophysics Research Group

Semmelweis University, Hungary

Scientific work


DisCanVis: Visualizing integrated structural and functional annotations to better understand the effect of cancer mutations located within disordered proteins

  • Norbert Deutsch, Mátyás Pajkos, Gábor Erdős, Zsuzsanna Dosztányi
  • Protein Science, 2023 Jan;32(1):e4522. doi: 10.1002/pro.4522.

The interaction between LC8 and LCA5 reveals a novel oligomerization function of LC8 in the ciliary-centrosome system

  • Tamás Szaniszló, Máté Fülöp, Mátyás Pajkos, Gábor Erdős, Réka Ágnes Kovács, Henrietta Vadászi, József Kardos & Zsuzsanna Dosztányi
  • Scientific Reports volume 12, Article number: 15623 (2022)

DisProt in 2022: improved quality and accessibility of protein intrinsic disorder annotation

  • Federica Quaglia, …, Gábor Erdős, …, Damiano Piovesan
  • Nucleic Acids Res. 2022 Jan 7;50(D1):D480-D487.

IUPred3: prediction of protein disorder enhanced with unambiguous experimental annotation and visualization of evolutionary conservation

  • Gábor Erdős, Mátyás Pajkos, Zsuzsanna Dosztányi
  • Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 49, Issue W1, 2 July 2021, Pages W297–W303

Critical assessment of protein intrinsic disorder prediction

  • Marco Necci, Damiano Piovesan, CAID Predictors, DisProt Curators & Silvio C. E. Tosatto
  • Nature Methods volume 18, 472–481 (2021)

The MemMoRF database for recognizing disordered protein regions interacting with cellular membranes

  • Gábor Erdős, Georgina Csizmadia, Hedvig Tordai, Rita Padányi, Silvio Tosatto, Zsuzsanna Dosztányi, Tamás Hegedűs
  • Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 49, Issue D1, 8 January 2021, Pages D355–D360

Evolutionary Study of Disorder in Protein Sequences

  • Kristina Kastano, Gábor Erdős, Pablo Mier, Gregorio Alanis-Lobato, Vasilis J Promponas, Zsuzsanna Dosztányi, Miguel A Andrade-Navarro
  • Biomolecules. 2020 Oct 6;10(10):1413
Biomolecules. 2020 Oct 6;10(10):1413

Analyzing Protein Disorder with IUPred2A

  • Gábor Erdős, Zsuzsanna Dosztányi
  • Current Protocols in Bioinformatics, 01 April 2020

PhaSePro: the database of proteins driving liquid-liquid phase separation

  • Gábor Erdős, Bálint Mészáros,, Beáta Szabó, Eva Schád, Agnes Tantos, Rawan Abukhairan, Tamás Horváth, Nikoletta Murvai, Orsolya P Kovács, Márton Kovács, Silvio CE Tosatto, Péter Tompa, Zsuzsanna Dosztányi, Rita Pancsa
  • Nucleic Acids Res. 15 October 2019

IUPred2A: context-dependent prediction of protein disorder as a function of redox state and protein binding.

  • Mészáros B, Erdos G, Dosztányi Z.
  • Nucleic Acids Res. 2018 Jul 2;46(W1):W329-W337.

Novel linear motif filtering protocol reveals the role of the LC8 dynein light chain in the Hippo pathway

  • Gábor Erdős, Tamás Szaniszló , Mátyás Pajkos, Borbála Hajdu-Soltész, Bence Kiss, Gábor Pál, László Nyitray, Zsuzsanna Dosztányi
  • PLoS Comput Biol. 2017 Dec 14;13(12):e1005885

Effects of the gout-causing Q141K polymorphism and a CFTR delta F508 mimicking mutation on the processing and stability of the ABCG2 protein

  • Sarankó H, Tordai H, Telbisz Á, Özvegy-Laczka C, Erdős G, Sarkadi B, Hegedűs T.
  • Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2013 Jul 19;437(1):140-5.